Allowing What Is Here To Be Here…

Integral Therapy Letterkenny Peace and Acceptance MindfulnessAcceptance of our situation as it is.. of our feelings as they are.. of people as they
are.. of our hurts / wounds as they are.. of our stories as they are.. of life as it
This is not always easy – there can be many things in life that are not as we
would like them to be.. our relationships might not be as we would like them
to be, or health, our finances, our homes, our bodies, our situation, our
It can be much easier to Avoid / Deny – this can be our typical coping
But.. In this time of slowing down – caused by the Corona Virus it can put all of
this in our face… can bring them to the forefront.. can intensify the feelings..
push us to really be with what is actually here for us.

So How Is It To Allow Ourselves To Actually Acknowledge and Accept
What Is Here?

Hopefully we can find lots of things to be Grateful for, we can really allow
ourselves to appreciate all that is nice / good in our lives and this can feel
But, if we are to acknowledge and accept the things in our lives that are not
how we would like them to be it takes a level of Courage / Bravery.
Would you like to feel that Bravery, that Courage? If yes then we need
to firstly take time to really feel what is going on for us, when we get that
uncomfortable feeling – what is there? What is our body telling us?
Allow that little bit of time to really be with what is there..

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How Can We Help Ourselves To Be With Whatever Is Here?

Calm ourselves as much as we can- how do we do this?
Breathe, friendly self-talk, be kind and compassionate with ourselves, letting
go of all judgement of ourselves, believing it is and will be ok, trusting in
ourselves, connecting to our own deeper knowing- our intuition, journaling,
listing to calming music, meditating.
When we allow ourselves to accept what is here we can then work towards
releasing whatever it is that we need to let go of..
We need to really feel it, Be with it and then decide to – release it, forgive it or
change it..
You do not really have this opportunity if you are not brave enough to –
Be with it / Acknowledge it / Accept it
Be Brave – Feel it –Be Kind to it – then Decide

If you would like support in Being with what is here for you please do
get in touch xxDenise

Mindfulness Acceptance – What Is It?